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15  Comments - Old Fort Budge *CG 2012 * Pokey Peas*

I love the story what a great page to capture how special the fort was.

Great design! Thanks for sharing with us.

I love the pops of red and the ruler border. Great job, Nylene!

What a great story! It reminds me of a spot in an old backyard that my sister and I called, "The Jungle". Our little hang out. We always wished for a tree house/fort. Great LO!

What a great story. I would of loved a fort like that. Beautiful.

This is such a nice story. What a neat fort it was and I know the kids had a great time. Love the details you added like the bottle tops with the dates. Great job!

Love the story behind the fort! We always wanted my dad to make us a tree fort when we were little, but it never was finished! A fort from road signs would be any kid's dream fort! Love the vintage look to the layout and ruler border!

It shows how good Steve was at carpentry that it stood for so long. Great job in capturing the memories and the demise of such an important part of your family. I love the border and the title work. Is that a die-cut font?

Terrific 2 pager...and I love the 3 photos together. great story but sad it had to go. Guess there is a time limit to everything, isn't there?

Fun LO!! I like the use of the ruler strip on this.

So many memories in that fort! I bet we logged thousands of hours of make believe up there, not to mention a few "run always." Good documentation and cute LO too!

What a wonderful job you did on this. I love the photo arrangement. I do a lot of layouts like this one. Just seems natural. I also love the colors and the ruler.

A great layout and a great story! The journaling is fabulous! How sad that day had to be! I bet it left a large bare spot in your yard and your heart! Love your rulers and tickets and cute bottle caps. Into my BOS!

What a great Lo! I love the story and the trims really do the photos justice. This is GREAT!

Nylene, that is such a great story! Love all of the old signs and that the fort was such a cool part of your kids' & grandkids' childhoods.

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