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not sure if you stamped the butteflies or if it's paper, but this is just so petty. love the pose in her pic, too.
Too cute.

LOVE the butterfly paper. Very befitting for such a lovely young lady.

This is great! Love the colors and pp.

This is beautiful!!! I love the background pp. She is so pretty Nylene!

Nylene, this is a great, great picture and the page. She looks awesome and I love how you journaled her experience. So cool!

how could a pair of glasses make her even prettier, doesn't seem possible she was so pretty before! Love the journaling and the cute little die cut glasses.


A very clever title. It's amazing what glasses can do; for sight and to enhance a girl's beauty.

Oh Nylene is she ever beautiful!! I love your title..perfect! Lovely layout with the butterflies!

A sweet layout. I love the butterflies. I loved it when I first got glasses, being able to see was so nice!

I love the title. She is such a pretty girl inside and out.

what a clever title with the glasses diecut. She definitely is a beauty!

I really like the butterflies and the glasses embellishment. I like it all ties in together. The best part is definitely that beautiful face! Wow, she's a stunner, isn't she!

Gorgeous. She really is growing up. The butterflies are beautiful. perfect colors for her shirt. TFS

Glasses definitely make your IQ climb...well at least the appearance of it. She looks cute in glasses. Owen got glasses in 6th I was 3. love the butterflies.

Wow this is wonderful! Love the glasses-both Ashley's and the scrappy ones! Maggie had to get glasses recently too. She was having trouble seing the boards! Anyway love the pretty bg paper and a perfect title.

Love the title. Nice layout!

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