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Project - Unique

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The colors on this page are wonderful. Nylene, I can just feel the love you have for her by reading your journaling. She is blessed to have you for a Grandma!

Sweet layout and great photo! Love those tags!

stunning! i love the colors and the lace. and the pocket is adorable. love it all!

Are you doing digi these days? I can't tell if it is paper or digi, but I love it either way! The vintage look is really fun. Love that doily background!

I like the cute tags and the doily. She is such a beautiful girl!!

Nylene the colors are fantastic, they make the photo pop!! Love how you combined the embellishments together!

Project - Unique
About this project

Project - Unique
by nylene
posted 01/03/13 at 04:37 PM
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This is our granddaughter. Journaling says:
Ashley is a unique young lady. Even as a little girl she had a wry sense of humor. She always has a funny omment
or comeback. She is multi-talented and loves sewing,
crafts, dancing, singing and acting. She’s a good student and has great self-confidence. She lights up a room and is a joy to have around.
Not sure why this looks so yellow-green. The green is actually grass green!

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