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Project - Curls?



You should try shaving her head to stimulate her hair follicles.
Indians do it all the time, and our babies usually end up with thick hair!

the fringe on this is perfect! love everything about this page!

So cute, love the fringe. And yes, don't we all love to see those baby curls. TFS.

adorable! i love how you combined everything here!

Sooo adorable, Shannon!!! LOVE the fringe!!!

She is so adorable...and I love seeing photos because you dress her so cute!
Your layouts - oooh la la - you have such a way with embellishments and patterned paper.
They are always a work of art!

Project - Curls?
About this project

Project - Curls?
by Shannon Tidwell
posted 02/09/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This layout is about hair….or the lack of. I always wanted my boys to have curls, and they didn't. So now I'm hoping for some sweet baby curls from Grayson. Problem is she doesn't have much hair at all….so while I wait to see if curls come I get to kiss that sweet bare neck.

To create this layout I first cut about a 9" square of the black/white flowered paper. I then used the Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors to cut fringe all the way around it. I matted the photo on a piece of contrasting paper to help it stand out. Under the title I created a backdrop by cutting thin strips of the green paper and layering them. I also added these thin strips in their full length at the bottom and top of the layout.

I grabbed some wire out of my stash and made little curly-q's to embellish the title.

I finished off the layout by adding some sequins of course and a few flower embellishments. And finally added the MS Glitter Corners on each corner of the layout.

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