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Resource - Articles : Products We Love: Ribbons
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Resource - Articles : Products We Love: Ribbons
by Shannon Tidwell
posted 02/01/08
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Ribbons. Rates right up there with patterned paper with me. One of those things that can't be lived without. Ribbons are something I reach for when a layout needs a little something extra. They can have a small impact on your layout, or a large one. Ribbons are for beginners or seasoned scrappers. I think ribbons are one of those supplies that is here to stay. Remember fibers? Those kind of came and went. Ribbons came, and keep getting better and better.

It seems like the past few years ribbons have infiltrated fashion and décor. Maybe it's because my love of ribbons has grown and I'm now noticing ribbons in different places. Either way, it's fun to see 'scrapbook inspired' products. Ribbons are such a happy and colorful accent, why not surround yourself with them!

As much as ribbons have inspired products outside of scrapbooking, they have inspired 'ribbon-like' products within our industry. Two that come to mind immediately are border stickers. They are frequently fashioned after ribbon designs. Another product that reminds me of ribbons is the paper trimming. Doodlebug and Creative Imaginations both have a paper product that comes in strips like ribbons. These products are great used on their own, but also offer a nice contrast when used with actual ribbons.

Ribbons are generally thought of as a feminine accent. We are the ones that once tied them in our ponytails, but I think they can cross over. To me ribbons are a colorful accent. Much like a strip of patterned paper, but with texture, more possibilities, and more uses.

Attaching ribbon is another fun aspect. Of course tying ribbon on is the first thing that comes to mind. But there are several other fun ways of sticking it to your projects! I usually just use my regular paper adhesive if I am attaching strips of ribbons. It seems to work great. I think 'sticky' adhesive will work best. I would not recommend using a 'wet' adhesive. I'm not very patient on waiting for things to dry! Other great ways to attach ribbon: staples, glue dots, sewing (might want to lightly adhere it before sewing), brads, clips...I'm sure you can think of more!

There have been several features on ribbons at Two Peas in the past. I'll link those so you can access them for a few more ideas.

Tips & Tricks: 5 Ways to Use Ribbon

Tutorial: Using Ribbon

Ok, so what can you do with ribbons? How about a little brainstorming list...

Tie on an accent
Tie around the layout
Tie all the way around the edge
Tie on letters for a title
Tie on a photo
Tie a bow
Tie onto paperclips
Tie on several photos for a flip book
Tie pages of a mini book together
Tie on an opening flap on a page to reveal more photos/journaling
Create a background
Cover chipboard shapes
Cover chipboard letters (oversized)
Make a fringe border
Create shapes out of ribbons (heart, flowers, circles)
Frame the photo
Create a grid
Wrap it
Weave it
Shape into letters
Use as a page divider
Use as a base for title or journaling
Dangle accents with it
Curl it
Keep the list going!

Now, let's look at the new layouts the Garden Girls have created just for your inspiration.

Kelli Crowe's creative mind works in fun ways. She cut a length of ribbon into smaller pieces, and then layered them together to create a tree. Who knew how cute a wad of ribbons could look. Kelli also uses the Doodlebug paper trim that I referred to earlier. The paper trim adds a nice texture. It's still very flat, but the designs create an added dimension.

In my sample I decided to do one of my favorite things...cover something with ribbons. On this layout I cut a big heart out of a cardboard divider I had. I chose it over a piece of chipboard because I wanted a bit more dimension. Once it was cut out I ran adhesive around the edges and a few stripes down the middle. Then I grabbed my jars of ribbons. I have a huge basket of assorted ribbons, but I find myself reaching for my KI and Love, Elsie ribbons most frequently. So I just started layering on the ribbons. I tried to vary the widths some, but I didn't worry about it too much. I had planned on trimming around the edge closely so that it was a clean edge. But after I saw how cool the rough edge looked, I left it. I could have mounted this on a sheet of cardstock, but for some reason I wanted it to be busier. I adhered the patterned to a sheet of chipboard for stability. Next I added the photo, title and journaling. I find that I like to 'frame' my pages. So I used masking tape around the edges of the background. I like how easy masking tape is to use, it's forgiving and has a cool opacity.

Cindy Liebel made good use out of the new Bazzill scalloped cardstock that already has the holes punched in it. She wove a long length of ribbon through the holes all around the page. What a lovely and soft effect it has! I love how the mood of the layout can be transformed by the type of ribbon used. Cindy chose such a nice, soft, quality ribbon. And thus, it has that same effect on her layout. Imagine if she had used a bolder ribbon, the softness would have given way to the contrast and created a totally different mood. Another option would be to tie ribbons in each of the holes individually. That would of course have a busier effect. Ribbons are fun!

Keisha Campbell used several wider ribbons to create a cheerful base for the heart of her layout, the photo. The larger ribbons not only create a base, they frame her photo and force your eye to the center. Keisha also used staples to attach the ribbons. She did so decoratively, look how she changed directions on the staples, it adds to the design. Another fun thing that Keisha did...she tied a wide ribbon on to the top of the layout. And I totally love the decorative pin she stuck through it. Perfect!!

Jennifer Johner is another frequent ribbon user! Here's what she said about her amazing layout: "In non scrapbook form, ribbon makes me think of ruffles... pretty pretty pretty! I love the look of some ruffled up ribbon on my pages, so I decided to make this page around the ruffles! I think I kind of got carried away!

I start by placing the cardstock, with the ribbon, under the foot of the sewing machine. I did not adhere any of the ribbon before hand. As I started stitching (slowly) the ribbon onto the page, I lifted the foot every little bit and sort of 'scrunched' some ribbon up under... then continued to stitch over the 'scrunch'. It gives the effect of ruffles, without spending the time actually making the ruffles!

This look can also be done with paper... see the ruffle on the far left? That is paper folded and scrunched and then sewn.

Digital ribbons! Did you know there are digital ribbons? What's so cool about them is they add the same bit of texture digitally as they do on paper. Chelsea Parsons created this beautiful digital layout. Since I don't know much about digital products I'll share what Chelsea had to say, "I guess with any digital layout you could trim any piece of paper and call it ribbon! But there are some true to life ribbons like the good old ric-a-rack which I have used in this LO. Another of my favourites is from the Black and White Printable Gift Kit. Sure you could print this out onto fabric and wrap a present gorgeously... but I love the damask pattern on just about any layout. So two pieces of digital ribbon, scuffed up and erased a little... that's how I like to use 'em!"

Ribbons are beautiful.
Ribbons are happy.
Ribbons are soft.
Ribbons are bold.
Ribbons are strong.
Ribbons are delicate.
Ribbons are all of this and much more, but most of all, they are fun! I hope that this article gave you a little inspiration to reach for that ribbon jar if you've been ignoring it!

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