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Resource - Articles : Home Decor (Things to Hang)

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Love this! So fun and pretty! Really wany to try this!

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Resource - Articles : Home Decor (Things to Hang)
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Resource - Articles : Home Decor (Things to Hang)
by Shannon Tidwell
posted 11/01/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Our scrap-rooms are overflowing. Our albums are filled to the brim. And our shopping carts are full of more supplies. We love looking at our creations. We love making stuff. We love our homes. What's the best solution? Fill our homes with the creations we love making and looking at!!

We have a new article series starting this month, Home Decor. This first month we decided to narrow it down to 'Things to Hang' so that we could focus our attention in one area. And still leave ourselves lots of room to grow in the coming months. These ideas are meant to give you that jump-start you needed to get to decorating! You can take these ideas and lift them exactly, or just to get your own creative ideas going.

Things to Hang....Canvases

I don't know about you but I always seem to have an empty wall in my home that needs filled. Instead of spending too much money on something that is 'almost' perfect, spend a little time and make yourself something to fill that hole. Look what we made!

We had a couple blank walls in our bedroom. I haven't seen anything I wanted to buy (that was affordable as well:)) so I finally decided to just make a couple things to fill the spot. Yes, they are kinda pink and girly. Luckily my husband is okay with that.:) We have lots of black in there to balance it out I guess.

To make this canvas I first covered it in one color of pink. Then I went back and added a few swishes of color with a darker pink. I sketched where I wanted the heart to be and painted it as well. Then, I sat on the floor with as many black and white papers I could find and my trusty circle punch. I felt very Kelli Crowe-ish.:) Although I wasn't in my prom dress.:)

Once I had enough circles I glued them on used Mod Podge. I just kept layering them on. To make the border I cut pieces of a ribbon and adhered them around the edge. Then I covered the whole think in a clear glossy acrylic.

It looks pretty good in our bedroom!:)

This is another painting I made to go with the one with the big heart. This one is a tan base with pink and black accents. I need to offset all the pink in the other one.:) So, after I painted the base tan I dipped the Mod Podge lid in pink paint, and made polka dots on the canvas! I filled in the dots with paint and a couple with some of the coordinating paper I'd used on the other canvas. For the flower accent I started out with a large Prima flower, handcut a few inside circles and finished it off with an epoxy sticker. Lastly I covered the whole thing in a coat of clear acrylic for a shiny finish.

I found that making these canvases was a great way to use some of those older supplies I had sitting around.

Cindy Liebel also decorated a canvas for her home. Cindy covered the canvas in acrylic paint. Once dry she applied the large tree rub-on. Looks like it was painted on! She then added the small photos to the tree branches. The felt bird is the perfect finishing touch!

Shelley Laming worked her magic with patterned paper on her canvas! She said she's had this canvas for months and months but was intimidated about what to do with it. Looks like she rocked the canvas to me! Instead of getting messy with paint, Shelley created a masterpiece with paper and glue! So instead of thinking that a canvas has to be painted, just treat it like a blank sheet of cardstock ready for your magical hands.

Margie Scherschligt created this festive 6"x6" canvas for her entryway. She first painted it and then she pieced together patterned paper for the border. The extra special thing about this canvas....the photo is just tucked into the border. So Margie can change the photo when the season changes or whenever she wants! The small sized canvas makes a big impact on the wall especially when surrounded by an empty frame. Aren't the berries the perfect homey touch?

Things to Hang....Frames

As scrapbookers we all have a love for photographs and fill our homes with them. To add to a photo display try framing your art. Here are some fantastic ideas!

Jen Lessinger made and extraordinary piece to go on the wall with her other photos. Doesn't it add the perfect touch of color to her display? Here's what Jen said about her frame:

"I don't really have a lot of artwork on my walls. I have mostly surrounded myself with pictures, because the faces of who I love are what make me happiest. But my son painted a fish in preschool a few years ago, and I loved it so I hung it on the wall on my main level. Now, my main level is red and green, and the fish is orange. So the fish never really "went" with the rest of the room. But on the wall it stayed, because it is THAT cool. I surrounded it with pictures and a quotation, and didn't think about it much.

Then I signed up to do a piece of wall decor for this article. I had visions of a really cool "modern" wreath, using wooden circles and scrapbook paper in oranges (for fall). That didn't work out. But as I kept playing, I added in some reds, and this was born. The project is super simple to make. Modge podge paper to wooden circles; trim; sand the edges (to hide imperfections); line it all up on white cardstock, add the chipboard letters, and stick it all in a 12x12 frame. I have to admit, I absolutely love the way it looks on my wall. And lucky for me, my "assigned seat" at our table looks directly at this wall."

Sande Krieger has a beautifully decorated home. Rich colors and warm accents couple to make her home look like it's straight out of the latest home decor magazine. Sande digitally created a monogram and then framed it along side her families photos. Here's what she said about her project:

"I love monograms. I have them all over my house. It's so easy to create a piece of monogram art either by using a Digital Kit or traditional supplies - chipboard alphas, stickers or die cuts. You can make it any color, dress it up using embellishments (a little bling is always nice) or patterned paper. I would be so easy to do using your Cricut or other die cut machine to cut out a monogram of your favorite paper. You could ink it or sand the edges or do a little doodling around it.

If you want to try it with digital kits, I've written down the steps of how I created it in my project seed."

Amy Grendell decorated a frame and instead of putting a photo in it, she put a phrase that she thought would be a good daily reminder. Here's what she said about her frame:

"I decided instead of putting a picture in this frame that I would put a little quote in it as a personal reminder to count my blessings. I added the cardstock to the frame and the bird. I sanded the edges of the bird. The wing I inked with a blue ink pad. I hung the frame from some sheer polka dot ribbon (this frame does have a stand, but I wanted a little something "extra" to hang in my scrapbook room)."

Things to Hang....Shadowbox

Cathy Blackstone made something amazing for her daughter! I know if my son saw this I would be creating this scientific art piece as well! I think it is so cool that Cathy put her artistic talents to use to create something her young daughter would totally love...even though it involved dead bugs!

Cathy used a shadowbox to frame some of her daughters favorite bugs. She started with diecuts, frames and paper pieces, then attached the 'treasures' onto them. Cathy then labeled each one with what her daughter has named them. Genius!

Things to Hang....Displaying Layouts

Another great way to display your artwork around your house is to find creative ways to display layouts. I often leave my most recent favorite layout displayed on an easel, clipped to a clipboard on the wall or even on the refrigerator! Here are a couple ideas that are sure to inspire.

Jennifer Pebbles has often talked about how she loves shopping for 'junk'. She says her house is full of stuff!! So instead of buying something new to display a layout on she decided to decorate something she already owned. Look at what she did with this old window! Here's what Jennifer said about her treasure:

"I tend to make a lot of "home decor" type projects, and usually I start with something I don't have up: (like a canvas, or other alterable item) decorate it, and then search unsuccessfully all over my tiny house for a place to put it:)

This time I decided to take something I ALREADY had hanging in my house and used it as the base for my project. It ended up being the perfect answer for me, a way to display a bunch of new fall photos without adding more clutter to my already filled-to-the-brim home:).

I found this window at a garage sale this spring for $20, it's fun because one side is bright green (for spring and summer) and the other side is a creamy white (for fall and winter). Vintage windows like this one are easy to find, check your local garage sales or salvedge yards.

To make this photo display, I simply made a 2 page scrapbook layout, focusing on the photos and less on the embellishments, added a few simple cut shapes and a fall themed quote printed onto a tag and attached it with tape to the top of the window, and then hand cut some lettering for "FALL" and used smaller adhesive letters for "FAMILY." The orange and green touches in the photos and accents match up with some of the other decorative items in my house right now, like my bowl of mini pumpkins, some orange flowers my husband bought for me recently, and some old colored glass accents on my shelf.

This is a really simple idea, and when fall is over and it's time for holiday decorating, I can simply remove the title from the glass, add it to my layout and put the whole thing into my scrapbook.

Stacey Sattler also used something she had to create a layout display....a piece of cardboard. Just like those that come in all your scrapbooking orders! She created a layout right on the cardboard. What makes her layout extra special is that she attached a business card holder to it and slid the photos right in. Now, all she has to do to update the photos is slide new ones in! She even made an old fashion paper chain to hang the layout by. Lots of fun! Here's what Stacey said about her layout:

I created this hanging for the boy's room--although, I'm not so sure it's going to come off of my art room wall This was quite easy--and fun! I used a piece of cardboard for the base. I adhered patterned paper and other embellishments. In the scan, it's kind of hard to see, but the photos are not attached to the cardboard. I actually attached a business card holder (4 slots) and slid in four pictures of the kids. This is something that can be changed as frequently as they like. I made an old fashioned paper chain to hang it from. "

Things to Hang....Birdies!

Tia Bennett, leave it to her to find a way to hang some birds up! Glittered birds at that! Only Tia can explain her cute birdies:

"I love to use my scrapbooking products for little trinkets here and there around the house! With Christmas coming up, I've been wanting to make some fun little ornaments that I can also use other times of the year. These little birdies use glittered chipboard, wires & charms, and some bits of ribbons and beads. It was really fun and easy, and now I want to go make a flock of them!"

Home Decor is a hobby for many of us. We want our homes to reflect who we are, just like our scrapbook pages reflect us. I know many of you are like me and collect all kinds of stuff for the 'what if's and maybe's'....well, now is the time to put those supplies to use! Find that empty space on the wall, think about the color scheme and the mood you want to create. Then get busy!

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