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Project - Display for Scraproom



If any pea in the Chicago area is looking to do this, I have 2x6 slatgrids similar to this for sale, along with the brackets to put them on the wall and pegs to hold items on them. Pea-mail me if interested!

I laid the pannels out on the floor. 3 down, 5 across. Then I used the zip ties to tie each side together. It even folds up and the sides can be moved. I took 2 pics to show how easily they can be moved and manipulated. I would love to have it hanging on my wall. My LSS has this same thing attached to 2 walls.

Does that make sense?

Phenomenal! This is excellent. I will share with others who need storage ideas. A few quick questions did you use the tiers to hold to together? Does this require two people to build? Someone to hold and someone to tie the tiers in place? Thanks.

This is a really terrific idea! Thanks for posting it. I can see all sorts of possibilities. I think I'll buy an extra set just for this,

Thanks for the great idea! Now I have something to use my sets of Costco cubes after my storage cabinets are finished - I couldn't see not using them but was stumped on how to use them if not for storage - thanks again!

Great idea! I did something similar on a much smaller scale. I bought S Hooks to hang products on with my TCubes as a 12x12 paper rack. Now that I've gone verticle I may hang the squares from the wall. Hmm, possibilities.

Project - Display for Scraproom
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Project - Display for Scraproom
by Scrapits
posted 03/07/05 at 04:35 PM
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I tore my cubes apart and made it into a display to hang my scrapbook goodies.

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