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Project - My Mother's Day


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Hi Julia!
I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here to look at your newest work!
I LOVE this page! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty!

Lovely colors...adorable photos... great embellishment choices... but my FAVORITE part is the flower... Haley gave it to you???
I love it!!!!!!! Just the perfect touch and the colors match the layout perfectly!

Love it!
Dee <img border='0' src='/images/icons/wink.gif'>

Project - My Mother's Day
About this project

Project - My Mother's Day
by Buzybunny
posted 02/21/05 at 03:36 PM
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This pictures have been staring at me the last few days as I felt like I had lost my “mojo” as one gal said!HA Anyways..seems like I came back! Lots of Chatterbox papers, Ki, K & Co embellishments, AC letter stickers. Journaling is tucked into a Chatterbox mailbox. Those are so fun! Oh and it scanned a bit funny due to the bulkiness of the flower which I HAD to include since my daughter gave it to me!LOL Here's the journaling:<P>

After having the kids..I at times wished I could speed up the clock to when the kids would be a bit older. I could not wait for the day to come when the kids would give me…special homemade gifts for Mother’s Day. I have given my mom and grandma these types of gifts for a long time and was impatient for my day to come. This I know sounds silly..but to me it isn’t! This Mother’s Day, I had been given hints by Haley and Connor that they had some very special

things for me. So of course I couldn’t wait to see their gifts. They were right..their gifts were wonderful!! Haley’s Kindergarten teacher had traced a silhouette portrait of Haley and done a beautiful job! Along with that Haley made me a wonderful card that told me how much she loved me! Connor had decorated up a shoe box with all kinds of cool decorations and had packaged his gift inside. It was a painted bowl that he made at art class at school. They were

both so proud of their gifts. And I was so proud to have been patient all those years to have such wonderful gifts given to me. Really the best gift of all I already had..Connor and Haley!

Mother’s Day May 2003

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