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Project - Holiday Cookie Tag Swap (part 2)


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Project - Holiday Cookie Tag Swap (part 2)
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Project - Holiday Cookie Tag Swap (part 2)
by Mjfc
posted 12/19/03 at 05:50 PM
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Here is the second set of the tags…
CrisinNY (#1 & #2) - Cris also made several variations of her tag. She picked about 4 different patterned papers for the background. All were very festive! I thought the little “NOEL” at the bottom was cute on the sprial metal.
Ryanlukesmom (#3 & #4) - Here is another traditional Holiday tag. How classy is this one?! I love the rich colors. Kelly clear embossed the stamped pattern. It has a real pretty look. She also stamped the twill with a holiday sentiment. It says “wishing you & yours.” Once you untie this you get a great recipe printed inside.
Tracyfp (#5 & #6) - I often say that Tracy makes me sick for her stitching ability that I am so envious of. So she absolutely killed me with this tag. How fun is that plaid fabric stitched onto the tag! The additional felt stitched on with the cute “yum”. Then she has a great red embossed holiday background stamp used at the back of the pocket. Inside are two recipes that she makes together. I had to scan the back because I thought her “Santa Approved” was cute!
Ozzigirl (#7 & #8) - Now what would the holidays be without a little glitter! How cool is Sue's tag! I wish the scan could really convey the color & shimmer of the glitter. I love the rich colors everyone chose. The images are great on this even down to the circles for the closure. The white stamped images inside are another pretty effect. Inside another great recipe.
Redplaid3 (#9 & #10) - This was the first tag I received. I knew from this that the swap would be amazing. This is just so holiday to me. The colors and what reminds me of a homemade gift in a canning jar. Its part of what the holidays is all about. Linda was very creative with the name of her cookie too!
Jkduncan58 (#11 & #12) - Now how different is this tag! I abosolutely loved it. I have to poke fun because poor Jen didn't get the “holiday” theme of the tags until she opened her package today! LMAO. I just keep thinking of what her reaction must of been. And yes, our dear Jen is a blonde (lol). She says it was very “Californian” of her. I think the colors and brightness is very refreshing. Jen printed this out on glossy paper. This happens to be a favorite recipe of mine as well. The back is very cool irl. She has the recipe on acetate over a sky background. There is also a orange branch collaged inbetween the two. I am very into the bead trim too!
I hope you all enjoyed them as much as we have!! Thanks again girls. Get ready for taglet II!!

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