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Project - 6x6 Paper Storage - Target $1 Spot CD Box



WELL, you win the award for the best idea of the week! SO CLEVER!!! And, so pretty! Target will wonder why they are having a run on these. LOL.

I love those wonderful genius moments. You know I've been trying to talk myself into buying those kits forever even though I know I won't use them. Well, you may have just provided me with the perfect reason!

This is great! i love your twill tabs and the papers you used.

Great idea...and looks so marvelous!

Awesome, Adorable, Affordable - it's an A+++ TFS

Fabulous Michele. Love the month stamps. Are they available on your web site? I think they are a must have.


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Project - 6x6 Paper Storage - Target $1 Spot CD Box
About this project

Project - 6x6 Paper Storage - Target $1 Spot CD Box
by Mjfc
posted 01/05/06 at 10:36 PM
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Picked up one of the Target dollar spot extra large CD storage boxes. I started covering it with paper for this month's Self-Addressed newsletter and realized that the 6x6 paper fit perfectly! I landed up pulling out all my kits and storing them by kit/month in the box. It was so simple to cover because the box is dark brown and matched the kit papers. I didn't have to wrap the box. I left little borders of the original box on each side. I even opted not to cover the flap in paper. This way I didn't have to worry about the wear at the bend. Since the papers fit exactly there was no room for tabbed dividers to separate the months. I used month stamps (purple onion designs) from a prior kit and stamped them on tea stained twill. The tabs are stapled on cardstock dividers. The soft tabs allow me to close the box. All papers are from Center City Designs.

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