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Project - Dude You Hear What I Hear

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Cute! Love the title and the soft, rich colors.

Cute title! I'm sure the play was very entertaining. :)

I laughed. TFS

I love the mixed up title to go with the theme!

Cute! That's a funny idea for a Christmas pageant.

Funny title!

Project - Dude You Hear What I Hear
About this project

Project - Dude You Hear What I Hear
by EllenPea
posted 01/05/13 at 11:58 PM
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I took a break from scrapbooking for the holidays. Finally getting back into it with my stash. This one fit three of the five Stash Busting challenges posted 1st week in January, then it fit Glitter Girl's challenge the second week. This is the Christmas children's play at my church.
Glitter Girl, I hope you don't mind me adding this page to your Challenge after I posted it. It's a more interesting title than any I plan on doing in the coming week. I came up with the title itself easily, that's the name of the play. How I decided on these particular elements is
1. One of the Stash Busting challenges was to use a letter you put glitter on yourself, and I just happened to have a chipboard D handy. So that was an easy choice for the first glitter letter. 2. I was going to do all the rest of the title in one color of glitter letter stickers, but I'm really trying to stick with stash, and except for some I didn't want to use on this page, my glitter stickers are down to the point where lots of letters are missing. So, I alternated between the red, blue and the brown. 3. I really was running low on the blue ones, so I decided to make the first letter of “You” glitter and not the rest. 4. The word “hear,” which I had to use twice, contains the three letters, e, a and r, that I know I would use up the fastest. So rather than use up glitter stickers that had all three in short to no supply (I don't think any of my glitter stickers had a's) I went to a package of stickers that had lots of each letter on each sheet, and several sheets of different colors. I decided to use two colors from these sheets. 5. I decided the page would be more balanced if I glittered the word “I” the same way I had with my D. 6. there were some gaps in the title block. Stamps seemed a good way to fill these in. A Christmas tree because it was a Christmas play and red flowers to match the blue floral paper because of the beach theme of the play.

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