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Project - It's Like A Jungle Sometimes



I love your drawn flowers. They add the perfect touch of softness. Oy, all big decisions are difficult.

this is really very pretty. I love the splash of pink in the flowers. great misting, too.

Love how you added some of your own artwork :)

Very pretty. Love the flowers you drew.

Ellen, so glad to see you joining in the Chatty Scrappers! This is really pretty. You are so brave to use mists. They turned out so nice. Love the honest journaling. Great way to start the new year!

what a great layout to document what is going on in your head. we all need to do that more often! good luck to you in your decision.

Project - It's Like A Jungle Sometimes
About this project

Project - It's Like A Jungle Sometimes
by EllenPea
posted 01/16/13 at 12:50 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This layout was actually inspired by the Jan. 1 “In the Mood To Scrap” video, but it took me two weeks to finish because I'm also trying to work on some much more recent photos than this one, which was previously scrapped and from 2007. Also, while I have been drawing in an art journal, it may be the first time I did so on a scrapbook page.

However, the journaling is definitely 2013. I liked the “It's Like A Jungle Sometimes” pin on Wilna's Pinterest board so much, I pinned it to one of my boards immediately. I toyed with changing it, but ultimately decided to leave it just the way she had it. I journaled about how figuring out whether I should start my own business - a big decision I must make this year after kicking it around for 10 years - is like a jungle.

This ended up following the more recently posted “213 in 2013” video as well, because the prompts this week include starting with a blank sheet (no colored or patterned paper background), getting messy with mist and not using the paper trimmer. I used my mist and the negative space of old chipboard to spray more background on the page. I did not even own a paper trimmer until 10 years ago, 2 years after I started scrapbooking, so cutting the journaling blocks for this one with my right shows a little wave from using scissors instead, as I am a bit rusty from having a trimmer for a decade now.

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