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Thanks for explaining the technique on the butterfly card. Looks so good. Love the Christmas tree card too. A collection of great cards. TFS!


Wonderful job on all of them!!!


These turned out beautifully. Thanks for explaining how you &quot;colored&quot; the butterfly. It looks great. The fish are adorable, the Just because card is elegant. They're all neat cards. Into my BOS. Thanks for sharing. Daria


Wow - these are great - thanks for sharing the ideas.

The butterfly card was so cool! We stamped the butterfly with Versamark and embossed in black. Then we used an aqua-pen to color the inside with bleach - that's it! Our teacher told us that different papers will turn different colors with the bleach. Even two different blue papers will look different.

The fish were fun. The background is actually done with the shaving cream technique but it's hard to see.

The snowman is adorable! I'd wondered how someone would use that &quot;when I grow up&quot; stamp, but it works perfectly with those fishies. Please share how you made the butterfly card! That's my favorite of the bunch.

How fun was that??? Great job! Love the little fish one and the Christmas tree.

Looks like time well spent! pretty they are!...judy

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