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Project - Themed Projects : Cool Car


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Project - Themed Projects : Cool Car
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Project - Themed Projects : Cool Car
by e-scrapper
posted 05/01/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<br><br>..this little car was just an average, everyday toy to my nephews, but Dev went absolutely bonkers over it.. ;-)<br><br><br>

<b>1.</b> Begin with a new 12x12 canvas (File>New>enter dimensions). Open the Rainbow Brights tag kit and insert the red paper. Add three photos, crop and/or resize, and arrange them to your liking. Then go to the Hot Tropics kit and insert the SwissW overlay—“fill” with a color from the photos (Effects>Fill With Texture or Color>More Solid Color Choices>use the eyedropper to sample a color from one of the photos—hover the cursor/eyedropper over the photo and click on a colored area). <p>
<b>2.</b> Go back to the tag kit, insert enough lettered tags to create the title and arrange as desired. Use the Stack menu to drag the tags under the photos.<p>
<b>3.</b> Insert a circle (Insert>Shape>select the circle), remove the fill color, and widen the line to 20pts. Enlarge it so that it encompasses most of the central area, then fill with the Citrus paper from the Hot Tropics kit. Drag it beneath everything except the background (of course), and center it (Format>Center Object on Canvas). <p>
<b>4.</b> From the Hot Tropics kit, insert the “fun” stamp, the date, and the orange-yellow photo corners. Use the Marquee selection tool to break apart the corners, cutting & pasting each one back onto the canvas. <p>
<b>5.</b> Go back to the alpha kit and insert the orange plaid ribbon and the teal mini tag—I altered the color of the tag slightly (Effects>Change Hue>adjust the sliders). Arrange the tag with the tied ribbon, then move the date so that it rests on top of it. <p>
<b>6.</b> Add journaling and drop-shadows to everything. I also used the dodge/burn tool to further shade & shadow things further, which is time-consuming, but I like how it looks.. ;-) <p>

Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 <i>(instructions will work for DIP, but some tools & tool locations may vary slightly)</i><br>
Hot Tropics Kit <br>
Rainbow Brights Alpha Kit <br>
2Peas Rock Star Font<br><br><br>

<i>If you have questions or would prefer more detailed instructions, please feel free to peamail me or post directly to the digital scrapping board with DIP or DIS in the subject line</i>… :-)<br><br>
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