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Project - Seasonal Layouts: All American Cheese

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Project - Seasonal Layouts: All American Cheese
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Project - Seasonal Layouts: All American Cheese
by e-scrapper
posted 07/15/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<br><br>..this is his version of “Smile!” when he's not in the mood to have his picture taken—super cheesy.. :-p ..of course, it was also indoors, no air conditioning, on July 4th, during over 90-degree weather.. so frankly, I can't say as how I blame him for such an expression.. I might've gotten more smiles if I'd turned the sprinkler on him.. ;-)<br><br><br>

<b><u>Instructional Notes</u></b><br>
<b>1.</b> Most of this is fairly easy—in DIP or DIS, just “insert” most everything, resize & position, and add drop-shadows.<p>
<b>2.</b> For the star, insert the kraft star, resize, & “fill” with the Burgundy paper. The cheese was from a copyright-free photo website (cropped with the Marquee selection tool, set on the circle shape and with the “shape proportions” checkmarked), and then I added shaped text (Text>Add Shaped Text>select the donut shape and type in the text).<p>
<b>3.</b> I also added some color behind the star, directly onto the photo (Touchup>Other Photo Repair>Tint Brush>use the slider to select a hue).<br><br><br>

Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 <i>(instructions will work for DIP, but some tools & tool locations may vary slightly)</i><br>
July 4 Kit<br>
2Peas Chicken Shack Narrow Font<br><br><br>

<i>If you have questions or would prefer more detailed instructions, please feel free to peamail me or post directly to the digital scrapping board with DIP or DIS in the subject line</i>… :-)<br><br>
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