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Project - Themed Projects: "Boy"

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Project - Themed Projects: "Boy"
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Project - Themed Projects: "Boy"
by e-scrapper
posted 08/01/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<br><br>…I love this kit—it matched up with these photos really well.. :-)<br><br><br>

<b><u>Instructional Notes:</u></b><br>
<b>1.</b> Most everything was inserted and then resized or cropped, drop-shadows added, some things (mostly the background papers) “burned” with the dodge/burn tool to add a little more dimension.<p>
<b>2.</b> To create the diagonal ribbon, insert one of the ribbons and rotate it. Use the Freehand selection tool to crop it down so that it lines up with the frames. Burn the ends slightly (Touchup>Other Photo Repair> Dodge and Burn Brush) to give it the illusion of folding under the frames. Insert the tied ribbon & position it, then select the diagonal ribbon and use the Distortion brush (Effects>Distortion Brush>Shrink) to shrink the area behind the knot of the tied ribbon.<p>
<b>3.</b> One way to add scraps of paper surrounding the frames, so that they fit together like a puzzle, is to create your own shapes (Insert>Draw a Shape). When finished with all of the shapes, select all of them and flatten, then “fill” with patterned paper (Effects>Fill With Texture or Color>Picture>select an image from your files).<br><br><br>

Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 <i>(instructions will work for DIP, but some tools & tool locations may vary slightly)</i><br>
Going Buggy Kit<br><br><br>

<i>If you have questions or would prefer more detailed instructions, please feel free to peamail me or post directly to the digital scrapping board with DIP or DIS in the subject line</i>… :-)
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