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Project - Themed Projects: "My Star"


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Project - Themed Projects: "My Star"
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Project - Themed Projects: "My Star"
by e-scrapper
posted 08/01/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<br><br>..ds has always had a severe speech delay, so it's taken him longer to get to where he's at than most kids.. we're working on getting him some genetic tests to find out the cause, so the progress he's made, especially this past year, has been on my mind lately.. :-)<p>

Journaling: <i>This photo was taken one year ago. You have learned to talk better, to reason better, to explain yourself better. You’re learned that people can be nice, and sometimes mean. You have meltdowns less and less. And as time passes, I’m more and more proud of you! Love, Mom</i><br><br><br>

<b><u>Instructional Notes:</u></b><br>
<b>1.</b> This is a pretty simple layout, so most everything is just insert/resize-or-crop, etc. The background paper is not a part of any kit at this time.. it was just something I created specifically for this page. For the painted area, use the paint brush (Effects>Paint Brush>Art Stroke>Marker–Linear Damp>click More Color Choices to select a custom color by using the eyedropper & clicking on an area of the layout).<p>
<b>2.</b> For the frame trio, make it white by “filling” it (Effects>Fill With Texture or Color). For the dashed line, insert text, use a thick sans-serif font, and type in a lot of dashes (the minus sign). Create the star by making your own shape (Insert>Draw a Shape), remove the fill & make the oultine about 15 for thickness, then flatten & “fill” the outline with the faded denim from the July 4 kit.<p>
<b>3.</b> To color the photos, click on “Black and White Effects” from the Common Tasks menu off to the left of the workspace. I chose a “Toning Intensity” of 15 and a “Toning Hue” of 50 to create a sepia-like tint.<br><br><br>

Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 <i>(instructions will work for DIP, but some tools & tool locations may vary slightly)</i><br>
Going Buggy Kit <i>(frame trio & alpha)</i><br>
July 4 Kit <i>(paper fill for lg star, staple, & stars)</i><br>
2Peas Little Buddy Font<br><br><br>

<i>If you have questions or would prefer more detailed instructions, please feel free to peamail me or post directly to the digital scrapping board with DIP or DIS in the subject line</i>… :-)<br><br>
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