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Project - 44 things - journaling challenge - digital

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completely YOU - love it! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/grin.gif'>

I don't know what made me laugh more, Ducky's layout (not the design, the journaling!!) or Suzy's last comment. You are clearly one groovy chick. I LOVE seeing your designs.

You know how sometimes you just read too fast? I totally thought you were saying that you like your red wine and coffee mixed with milk or tangerine soda. <img border='0' src='/images/icons/tongue.gif'>

I learned a lot about you on this layout and now I think you're even groovier. Plus, I dig chicks with big boobs. <img border='0' src='/images/icons/grin.gif'>

Ooh! Very, VERY cool. I love the b&amp;w paired with the bursts of color in the photos. The journaling works seamlessly with the rest of the page -- almost as if it's a patterned backdrop.

Happy birthday, by the way! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

loved reading more about you ducky!
this is fabulous!

This is so cool!

Project - 44 things - journaling challenge - digital
About this project

Project - 44 things - journaling challenge - digital
by little-ducky
posted 03/18/08 at 05:43 AM
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this week's <a href=" []“target=”blank"> journaling challenge</a> is to use a short list of ‘about me’ questions. I decided to keep going in honor of my upcoming 44th birthday. <br><br>

1. inside I don't feel any different from when I was seven years old,
2. the last person I sent a card to was my mom, I think,
3. for lunch today I had japanese pan noodles,
4. my favorite song these days is 20 million things by lowell george<br><br>

5. right now I'm wearing yoga pants even though I didn't go to yoga today and a sweat shirt (awkward sentence. the font I used didn't have parentheses or dashes.),
6. the last phone call I made was probably to tom,
7. recently I've learned that health is inevitable, not illness,
8. my favorite tv show is bizarre foods<br><br>

9. the last restaurant I ate was los arcos for dinner,
10. the last book I read was spiderwick on cd,
11. I eat toast or bagels for breakfast almost every day,
12. I usually get up at 5am<br><br>

13. I love lindt white truffles,
14. I've gained weight recently,
15. I have the pirates of the caribbean movies memorized,
16. I take about 20 pills with breakfast and dinner<br><br>

17. todavia puedo hablar algunas palabras en espanol,
18. I get road rage,
19. I get revenge by squirting them with my rear window washer fluid,
20. I'm not goofy on purpose<br><br>

21. sometimes I kiss my coffee cup,
22. I still have a big brown dot in my right eye,
23. red wine or coffee with milk or tangerine soda,
24. I don't use soap<br><br>

25. I hate being told what to do,
26. which is why I don't like using recipes,
27. but I'm very law abiding,
28. I still regret not going to art school in 1982<br><br>

29. I love driving,
30. going to see live music doesn't interest me anymore,
31. I'm perfectly happy alone,
32. I crave open windows and light<br><br>

33. people should chew with their mouths closed,
34. I still want to see greece,
35. I make faces in the mirror,
36. money problems<br><br>

37. undecided about hair color,
38. 38DDD now,
39. wherever I go, there I am,
40. feta & turkey & cucumber<br><br>

41. tulips,
42. incense,
43. scrapbooking,
44. my family,

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