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Project - Stamp Storage/organization



Thanks for doing the research on this. You seem to have found the least expensive sources (yay!) and I am going to attempt to copy this system. Could take a while...but it looks like it will be worth it!! THANKS!!!

wish i was organized

Great idea. I've been hung up on wanting all my stamp storage the same size and this sounds like a perfect solution. TFS

Project - Stamp Storage/organization
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Project - Stamp Storage/organization
by sunshinestate
posted 05/18/12 at 01:35 PM
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I used to store my clear stamps in king-size CD cases (photos further back in my gallery), but that wasn't working for me any more because there were too many cases to flip through to find what I needed. Also, I decided that I wanted to separate the sets into categories; i.e. all flowers together, all hearts together, all animals together, etc. I didn't want to make any sort of elaborate cross-reference system for finding a stamp - it had to be an easy system to keep up with.

I ordered 8.5“ x 11” acetate sheets in 5 mil thickness and 10 mil thickness (from CFS Binding Supplies - they are called clear covers), stamped the image on the 10 mil sheet, added the stamp, placed the 5 mil sheet over that and then taped the top edges of the sheets together…this makes a “sandwich” exactly like clear stamps are packaged by the manufacturers, only my “sandwiches” are 8.5“ x11”. I also purchased “Stufftainers” in the “thicker” size from Stampendous. I can fit 7-8 “sandwiches” in each Stufftainer case.

Photo 1) Clear stamps & cling stamps are in the basket on the left, wood mounted stamps in the middle, foam stamps on right in another kind of storage.

Photo 2) Close up of clear stamps. There are about 160 stamp sets in these cases.

Photo 3) Wood mounted stamps are also stored in the cases. They are the perfect thickness.

Photo 4) Birds, butterflies & insect case. The tag is ties to the top of the case and is placed inside the case.

Photos 5 & 6) Close up of a “sandwich”.

Photo 7) There are 7 “sandwiches” inside the birds, butterflies & insect case.

Photos 8 & 9) Another case that holds 7 “sandwiches”.

Photos 10, 11 & 12) When I get a new set of stamps, I just photocopy it before I break it apart. I file the photocopy in a binder divided by manufacturer. This way, if I do ever need to know the manufacturer of a certain stamp, I can find it in the binder and it also prevents me from buying a duplicate stamp set.

I've been using this system for almost 2 years now and I really love it. Aside from the initial setting up of the system, it's easy to add new stamps and it's easy to find a stamp. I don't think I've seen this idea anywhere else, but it works so well for me, maybe it will work for someone else.

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