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Project - SLEEP

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I just remember the first 4 months with twins was a sleep deprived boys didn't take good naps either til after they were about 13 months...but now they sleep well. Thank goodness i'm a night person by nature. Love the letter to your sweet.

Oh Brooke, this is priceless. The letter is fantastic and that photo . . . OMG she is so beautiful. Lucky you!

Very cute page and sweet photo! I love photos of babies sleeping! Your title letters are cute and your journaling in the form of a letter is great. My girls are 17 and 14 so it's been quite a while for me, but I still remember those days and how I longed for a night of uninterrupted sleep!

This is adorable. I LOVE the letter to her, it's so cute and funny. And I completely understand. DD slept through the night early, but had cycles of NOT doing it...everytime I always thought "Oh wait, no no no! We've already gone through this!" lol Adorable photo too. DD's such a light sleeper I can't get photos of her sleeping :(

Project - SLEEP
About this project

Project - SLEEP
by brooke_hc
posted 03/17/10 at 09:27 PM
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