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Project - Mama's Scarf



really, really great Sharon!! love that photo and this design is wonderful!


What an awesome photo and great LO! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

cute layout, love the cheeks howing threw

Sharon this is SO awesome! Such a great picture of sweet Payton and this is some of my favorite Daisy D's <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>
I am with you....when you love paper, it should not matter if it's &quot;outdated&quot; <img border='0' src='/images/icons/wink.gif'>
Hugs <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

I love this. That picture is awesome!


Beautiful !!

<img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Project - Mama's Scarf
About this project

Project - Mama's Scarf
by GGwannapea
posted 09/02/06 at 08:58 PM
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Well never give up on your old supplies. This is old Daisy D's PP which I never thought I would use. Unfortunately I can't help myself when it comes to patterned paper and I buy anything I love! LOL! Anyway this was tons of fun! I was so pleased to find this paper went so well with the photo…but then I discovered it actually had the word ‘scarf’ on it and I instantly came up with my title. I outlined ‘scarf’ in translucsent glitter. also used some old die cut snowflakes,and some Jolee's snowflakes that I've had FOREVER!!! Machine sewing around the edges. Put the little round matted snowflake on popdots. that's it!
Journaling reads:Payton, if years from now you look at this picture and wonder why you had this multi-colored, yet feminine scarf wrapped around your little face…

After a long, very cold winter, with very little snow, we finally got a significant snowfall late in the season. Despite frigid temperatures, we decide to break out the gloves, hats, boots and scarves, and the new Christmas sleds and go sledding for a little while. After all, this might be our only opportunity this year. Your Mama decided to bring you along for your first sledding experience. You were definitely sporting all the trendiest outerwear for any fashionable sled riding baby, and you were so bundled up you could barely walk. Yet despite all this, within a few minutes of being on the hill, it was obvious your little face was just too cold. Your little nose was bright red and your cheeks were cold and quickly becoming chapped. So your Mama took off her scarf and wrapped it around you, thus allowing you to enjoy your first sled riding experience for just a little longer.

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