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Project - My Chair

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Such a pretty layout. Love how you used the yellow.

Project - My Chair
About this project

Project - My Chair
by scrapnmomof2
posted 05/03/09 at 03:19 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This layout was a little hard for me to do so I kept it pretty simple. This is the first layout I've done about my 14 year old cat since she passed away a few months ago. I really love these photos of her since she was so cute when she slept and I decided to choose a happy color like yellow to go along with these pictures. Thanks for looking :-)

The journaling is kind of hard to read but this is what it says: “One of Ginger's favorite places to sleep is on my desk chair. It always seems that every time I want to sit at my desk and scrapbook, she is always sleeping in it. I never have the heart to wake her and always wait for her to wake up. I guess it really is HER chair instead.”
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