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Project - My Tacklebox

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I picked it up at a place called Sportsmans Warehouse. Its a pricey little gadget at 50 bucks but well worth it. I have not seen this particular one at Walmart, although they do have some very nice ones. My recommendation would be check your sporting goods stores first to see which style of tacklebox you will use, then check the walmarts/targets to see if they have them cheaper.


This is real cool. Perfect for those traveling scrappers. Can you tell us where you purchased it? Think Walmart would have it? Janie <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Now if only those tackleboxes came with all of that stuff already in them!

Wowsers! Cool tacklebox, but I LOVE all of those yummy embellishments. <img border='0' src='/images/icons/grin.gif'>

holy smokes... my sis and I just got this! I totally LOVE it! it holds all of my &quot;stuff&quot;. Since i'm a traveling scrapper... it is perfect for me. I thought once I got my things in it, it would be super heavy... but i was pleasently surprised!

TFS.... Great job with all of you organizing!

Project - My Tacklebox
About this project

Project - My Tacklebox
by ScrappinSpidey
posted 09/20/04 at 11:22 PM
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This is my Plano 7771. I thought I would share it with everyone :)

Photo 1: The tacklebox itself
Photo 2: The top of the tacklebox
Photo 3: Closeup of the fibers stored in top
Photo 4: Middle of tacklebox (not yet organized)
Photo 5: Bottom section of Tacklebox
Photo 6: Bazzill Embellishments
Photo 7: Metal Embellishments
Photo 8: Ribbon Embellishments
Photo 9: Eyelet Embellishments
Photo 10: Tags container

Thanks for looking

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