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Project - NEWBIE CJ Live Like You Were Dying

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This is SOOOO great!!! Excellent job!

Great Job Lynn!
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Wow!!! I am just in shock at how quickly you put together such an amazing CJ!!! Holy Cow!!! I love everything about it. I've been thinking about what exactly you were going to want each of us to do and I'm so glad I was right!!! I've been working on my list of things I want to do before I die for a while now...I already know quite a few of them. I cannot wait to work on this Lynn!!! Thanks again for coming on board and helping us out...YOU ARE AWESOME!!! MUAH!!!

Project - NEWBIE CJ Live Like You Were Dying
About this project

Project - NEWBIE CJ Live Like You Were Dying
by ScrappinSpidey
posted 02/13/05 at 10:51 PM
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This is my Circle Journal Created for the Newbie CJ. The photos are bad, but it was late and I was desperate lol. The explainations are as follows:
1. Front Cover. Paper from the Slab, MM Metal Letters, MM rubons
2. Welcome Intro Pages. There are also pages that look identical containing song lyrics and instructions. Paper from the slab, Bazzill Cardstock and MM metal photo corners.
3. Sign in pages. There is one for everyone. Slab paper, bazzill cardstock
4. Entry into the layout section. MM rubons and Slab Paper
5. Part 1 of my layout. My list of things. Bazzill tags and buttons, computer printing and an odd scrap paper.
6. My layout part 2. Pebble Letters, Slab paper, bazzill cardstock and computer journaling.



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