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Project - Seasonal Layouts : Giving Thanks


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Project - Seasonal Layouts : Giving Thanks
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Project - Seasonal Layouts : Giving Thanks
by Gennifer
posted 11/15/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>Thanksgiving must be my favorite holiday. Well, honestly, whatever holiday is coming up is probably my favorite. But, really? Thanksgiving ranks right up there. Maybe it's because it's right around my birthday. Maybe it's because it's the kick-off for the Christmas season. Maybe it's because of all of the amazing food.</p>
<p>Or, maybe, it's because I love the chance it gives me to reflect on my life, and how blessed I am in so many ways. Yeah, let's go with that; it sounds so much better.</p>
<p>Seriously, though, I love to create layouts that combine my thoughts and feelings with random pictures, and this gave me a chance to do just that. What exactly am I grateful for?</p>
<p>To start my layout, I created a journaling box and just started typing. Since I was filling in almost the entire background, it gave me a chance to mention the little things: like my favorite esthetician, or that Sandra Dee made movies. This, along with journaling in sentence fragments, keeps the page from being too serious. I completely justified my text, and made a few random adjustments to make sure that I didn't have any words cut off in weird places. I also changed the font on a few of the sentence fragments, to help keep the page light-hearted.</p>
<p>Next, I layered two photo frame collages, and started putting pictures in. Since I&nbsp;had pictures of different subjects, from different times, and in different places, I made them all sepia toned for unity.</p>
<p>I left one frame open for my title, and added a flower branch for a pop of color. I&nbsp;used the color dropper tool to pick up the reddish-orange from the flowers and changed a bit of my text along the bottom right corner, just to bring attention to my subtitle.</p>
<p>This Thanksgiving, why not make a layout to celebrate everything you're grateful for: even Sandra Dee.</p>
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