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Project - Themed Projects : Eight is Enough



gennifer...i just came across this today...i am a little behind...i really like the concept behind this for sure. it was highlighted by jamie sorenson today because of the rainbow. nice to see you around on the 2p's.

This looks wonderful. I love the way you added the colours. This layout design works perfectly with so many smaller sized photos. Excellent work, thanks for sharing.

Ha, didn't even notice the G thing. I thought my IL's were bad to have 5 kids all with K's. :)

Seriously amazing... Love this layout!!!

Project - Themed Projects : Eight is Enough
About this project

Project - Themed Projects : Eight is Enough
by Gennifer
posted 12/01/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>I gotta be honest: Two page layouts are not my thing. But, when I'm trying to fit my seven brothers and sisters (plus me!) on a layout, well, two pages is definitely the way to go!</p>
<p>I've been wanting to do this a while; in fact, about six months ago my siblings all completed the quiz and it was sitting &quot;safely&quot; in my e-mail inbox. Until the Great Computer Crash of August, that is. Fortunately, none of them seemed to mind a late-night phone-call (which I am making sure to mention, since quite a few were in their pajamas), so here we are.</p>
<p>I started with a 12x24 canvas, and drew a pencil line straight down the middle, which I deleted before I saved. This helped me to keep everything right where I wanted it, and ensured that I have an adequate margin in the center of my two pages when I print.</p>
<p>I added my photo frames next, and played with a few different ideas.&nbsp;Ultimately, I liked the careless line across the top; it helped the layout stay organized (which I&nbsp;felt was important with everything that was going on it) but also kept it casual. I added my journaling, moving it up or down to match the frames. Next, the photos, which I cropped extremely close, since they were all from different events. My title and subtitle came next, and then I finished off the layout with the rainbow brush strokes and a few staples.</p>
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