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Project - Wooden Letter Ornament



This is beautiful. It looks like a photo from a magazine!!! You did an awesome job and that picture is perfect!!!
(I'd love to see a supply list if you wouldn't mind adding one~ TIA!)

This is beautiful and I'm planning on making some for friends who just became new parents! One question...did you use rub-ons or your computer for the tag?? Thanks!!!

adorable...i must make some


Ooh, pretty! (Great photo, too!)

This is beautiful!!!!!!

Project - Wooden Letter Ornament
About this project

Project - Wooden Letter Ornament
by Kayla
posted 03/30/07 at 11:07 PM
Galleries: Altered Projects, Home Decor

Hi, I have had a lot of views of this ornament and wanted to add some instructions for those of you asking:

-wooden letter
-acrylic paint
-Christmas scrapbook paper
-ModPodge or paper glue
-foam brush
-sanding block
-Making Memories tag maker and tags
-eyelet screw

1. If your letter is unpainted, paint letter with acrylic paint and let dry.

2. Use a foam brush to paint ModPodge or other decoupage glue to the front of the letter then apply the letter to the back of the patterned paper. Let dry.

3. Use scissors or an Xacto knife to cut the excess paper off.

4. To smooth the paper edges and add a distressed look, sand with a sanding block or sand paper.

5. Use a drill to drill a small hole for the screw. Twist the eyelet screw into the hole.

6. Print a name or date on patterned paper. Use the Making Memories tag maker to insert into a metal rimmed tag.

7. Attach tag with ribbon.

8. Use ribbon as a hanger through the eyelet.

That is it! Thanks!

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