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Project - Your Dreams are My Passion


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I love this layout. Your message is incredibly sweet and I have to say, this is my most favorite bible verse. It's just stunning!

Project - Your Dreams are My Passion
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Project - Your Dreams are My Passion
by Kayla
posted 04/01/07 at 05:55 PM
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I wanted to add a subtle image to the background paper, so I opened a photograph of my
boyfriend playing the drums. I went to Image>Adjust>Threshold and created a black, harsh
lined image. I drug this over my paper and changed the blending mode to color burn so the
paper would show through. I used an image transfer action on the large photo to give it the
worn edges. For the grunge circle, I drew a circle and stamped grunge swirl brushes around it.
I used the same brushes in the eraser mode to erase the clean edges of the circle. I merged the layers together and used the shape as a clipping mask for my photo. I added a Hue/Saturation layer to the photo and checked the box “Colorize” to create a one color photo. I used the pen tool to create a text box around the grunge circle. Also, each line of the title is on its own layer so I could angle each one individually. I added strips of paper, which I typed a verse on.

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