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Project - Fresh Love {ST January 2008}


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Project - Fresh Love {ST January 2008}
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Project - Fresh Love {ST January 2008}
by Kayla
posted 04/01/07 at 06:01 PM
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I opened the paper I wanted and added a Hue/Saturation layer to adjust it to the
correct color of green. I brushed a white swirl frame around the photo. I added a
larger frame behind the photo and used it as a clipping mask to fill it with fuchsia
patterned paper. The blue leaves on the right side were originally a 12x12 patterned
paper with a white background. To get rid of the white background, double click
on the layer and under blending options where it says “This layer:,” move the slider
on the right towards the left to remove the white and reveal the underlaying layers.
To fill the title with patterned paper, used the magic wand to select the inside of the
letter, click on the patterned paper layer and click the quick mask button (a rectangle
with a circle inside of it on the bottom of the layers palette). Use the word “Fresh,”
as a clipping mask for the purple patterned paper, then duplicate a layer behind
it and add a white stroke. I used Gypsy Monograms for the large swirls. I used a
layer mask to remove the parts of the brush I didn’t want shown. Then used the swirls
as a clipping mask to fill with blue and purple paper. I ran descriptive phrases that
describe my brother and girlfriend’s relationship around the edge of the page.

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