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Project - New Product Focus : 63rd Street Pumpkin Patch

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Project - New Product Focus : 63rd Street Pumpkin Patch
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Project - New Product Focus : 63rd Street Pumpkin Patch
by mjfern
posted 10/01/08
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p><b>New Product Focus: Halloween Whimsy Words Die Cut Cardstock by K &amp; Company </b></p>
<div id=“productTitle”>&nbsp;</div>
<div><img id=“TB_Image” style=“width: 225px; height: 223px” height=“414” alt=“” width=“414” src=" []“ /></div>
<div><a onclick=”return GB_showCenter('Product Details', this.href, 520, 622)“ href=” []“><font color=”#246a82">Halloween Whimsy Words Die Cut Cardstock (K &amp; Co)</font></a></div>
<div>There are approximately 200 pieces in this package! I had actually purchased this set of die cuts&nbsp;for another project and had plenty&nbsp;left over for other projects. You can use these die cuts in a variety of ways.</div>
<div>Example 1: Use the die cuts as a title. I added sticker letters above the die cut to create&nbsp;my title (page 2).</div>
<div>Example 2: Layer die cuts with&nbsp;other&nbsp;embellishments. Here I used the circular die cut in the center of a floral cardstock sticker to help it stand out (page 3).</div>
<div>Example 3: Don't like the entire die cut and only part of it? Cut out the part that you like (page 4)&nbsp;and use it to embellish your layout. I used pop dots behind the jack-o-lanterns to give the die cut dimension. I also&nbsp;placed a scalloped cardstock sticker (trimmed as needed) behind the cie cut to help ground it to the page (page 5).</div>
<div>Thanks for looking! -Joy</div>
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