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Project - Ghostly apparition



I have looked at this a little more and it's been bugging me all afternoon. Was your friend by chance inside the museum taking the photo through a window. It really looks like a reflection of a museum display or media presentation - notice the rope going across in front of the woman's thighs. The windows in the background behind the image look rather large and look "museum-y" to me, and not from the same time period as the woman's dress. Just another possibility.

I wish I could get my hands on the negatives, but at any rate, she did take the whole roll herself. It was a vacation type thing with her grandchildren as the main subject matter in all the shots. I have seen shots in books with an halo type or ghostly fog and once a colorful aura appeared around a friend, but never have seen such a clearly defined person.

There are other object (scenery, the wall) in the "ghost" picture - it definitely looks like 2 images combined. Without looking at the negative it is hard to tell when/where it happened - whether it was in the camera or in the lab. Since it was at a historic site sould she have possible taken a picture of a picture there?


and for it do be a double exposure she did theat picture would have to have been taken right before or after the one she knew she was taking...

did she take the whole roll of film herself? does she know what pics where before and after that one?

ghost or no it is quite a creepy looking picture..

maybe a ghost picture?

You don't have to be sorry, I don't know what it is, but she did not take a second pic of a lady. I was hoping for some logical explanation, but nothing seems to fit.

definitely weird! but, it can't be a double exposure if she never took the pic of the lady in the first place right? I assume if it was a double exposure she would of had to take both pictures. it does look kind of dated. hmmmm. strange :0)

Project - Ghostly apparition
About this project

Project - Ghostly apparition
by sophoebizzie
posted 07/21/05 at 07:43 PM
Galleries: Photography

This was taken by a friend with absolutely no photo skills. She was taking a pic of her grandchildren and this is what she got back… Point & shoot 35 mm.

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