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Project - Tree Guilt (Collage Press)



AMAZING layout!!! Love the paper tree! And by the in germany most people have fresh trees as they let them grow up for christmas only. Me I don't know if i'd rather have an artificial or fresh tree later when i have my own family. Coz spending about 40 Dollar each christmas just to have a fresh tree for about two weeks is way too expensive :-)

That tree is beautiful! Great job!

I'm absolutely in love with your tree! And do not feel quilty about having a real tree for most of the X-mas trees are grown specially for it and do not come from a forest. (Anyway, that is the case in Belgium, where I live) Have a wonderful X-mas!!!

I love the layout, the stitching is awesome, and I agree with the other comments, no need to feel guilty. Treefarms and baby trees take more Carbon out of the air than old trees and if you are responsible and take them to a chipper when the holiday is over they can be turned into garden mulch and get a new lease on life, Merry Christmas enjoy your fresh tree!

Awesome tree and gorgeous layout, Jill! <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/love.gif'>

Wow. This is beautiful.

Project - Tree Guilt (Collage Press)
About this project

Project - Tree Guilt (Collage Press)
by Jill Sprott
posted 12/15/09 at 10:47 AM
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This year I'm dealing with “tree guilt” – the result of having a fresh tree after so many years of having an artificial one instead. (Journaling is in the third pic.) All products are by Collage Press. Thanks for looking!

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