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Project - Seasons' Greetings Card



This is just so merry - love it!

Love this, Jill! And your line about lighting a figurative fire. :)

Project - Seasons' Greetings Card
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Garden Girl

Project - Seasons' Greetings Card
by Jill Sprott
posted 11/23/11
Galleries: Cardmaking

All month long, I have been marveling at the holiday card blog posts []on Two Peas. There is just so much inspiration to be found, which is exactly what I need, given that I have a bunch of holiday cards to make this year!

What preparations do you make when beginning your holiday cards?
I always begin by lighting a (figurative) fire and sparking my crafty energy. The best place for me to begin any project is at Two Peas, actually, spending some time in the galleries, looking at what others have done with their cards. There are always so many wonderful ideas there, and idea leads to idea leads to…the inspiration for a card. Even layouts can inspire card ideas, and vice-versa.

Do you have any tips for creating cards in bulk?
Since there is so much repetition involved when I create cards in bulk, I think it's important to be surrounded with supplies that I love. That way I remain excited about working with the products from start to finish. I also make sure to plan ahead not just for the card design itself but for the entire process. If it takes thirty minutes to make each card, then I will likely not finish the task – well, not until Valentine's Day. An assembly-line approach works best, with an efficient design concept and a streamlined process at the center of it all.

What was a favorite holiday card you created and why?
My favorite cards were those that I would make with my daughter when she was a toddler. A little handprint, a cute smudge, a crooked tree, or a crinkled star? Adorable, and perfect. I miss those days.

What card making tools can you not live without and why?
My corner-rounder and my bone folder are absolutely essential to me. My sewing machine is also crucial. It's so rare that I make anything without adding a few stitches to it.

What goodies are on your wish list and why?
I already have my favorite holiday lines on hand, but lately I have been hankering for gold or silver embossing powder. I can just picture that lovely embossed metallic sheen on a card.

What technique do you think would be fun to try in your upcoming holiday cards?
Actually, I just tried it on this card. I had the idea of stamping an image over patterned paper, and then repeating the image on the card, using pop dots here and there to add dimension. I also love the idea of using non-holiday-specific paper to make holiday cards. I used the BasicGrey Picadilly line for the trees on this card. It's not a holiday line, but it's very merry here!
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