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Thanks for using my stamps!

So clever use of the cal dates, may have to lift that part!!! Love it btw!!

love this

Wow is absolutely right...this page is simply wonderful! I love, Love, LOVE everything about it. Thank you for sharing this!!

This layout is so eye-catching. I really Love it : )

LOL - I agree with Jen! I love those calendar tickets!! This is such a fun couples page - I love it!

Project - EverySingleDay
About this project

Garden Girl

Project - EverySingleDay
by Jill Sprott
posted 01/09/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

One of my scrappy resolutions in 2011 was to create more pages about The Love, a force so powerful it deserves to be capitalized. Now, as I begin 2012, I want to be sure that I continue to document my relationship with my husband – to pay tribute to The Love. I'm crazy about the guy, as this page might indicate. Every single day I count myself lucky in love.

To represent that idea here, I amplified the idea of “days” on the page, repeating months of the year as well as the days of the week. I also repeated the word “love,” a word that I trimmed from the “love you” sentiment in the Technique Tuesday “Hearts” set. It may not seem conventional to take a scissors to a stamp set, but no harm, no foul – I can easily merge the two words again on an acrylic block if I ever need to use them together.

Although I did use a bunch of accents from some of the new Valentine's Day lines that are out, I also made use of the B-side of some Christmas paper. I'm all for stretching my supplies! Mixing a little bit of not-so-new with new items can reinvigorate supplies that may otherwise be overlooked or neglected.

Journaling on a page like this can be a challenge, since there is a lot going on already on it. In keeping with the little love letter motif at the bottom of the page, I tucked a love letter of my own behind one of the photos. I'd share its contents with you, but I know there's only so much schmaltz a person can take. :)

Thanks for looking!
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