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Project - My Loves



Love this layout because of the use of the envelopes, the colors, the whole idea and the pictures! Did I say I love it :)

Love this layout; How did you create the envelopes? TFS!

(aka Kelli)

This is crazy cool. Love the envelopes!

Love all of the envelopes on this layout! Fantastc!

I saw this layout on Amy Heller's blog and was instantly amazed. I love how you integrated all those envelopes and the time and care you put into the journaling. What an inspiration!

Hi! Thanks for the comment! :) I cut the cards from the B-side of this OA paper:

Project - My Loves
About this project

Garden Girl

Project - My Loves
by Jill Sprott
posted 01/16/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Years ago, as a fledgling pea, one of the first layouts that I happened upon in the Garden was by then-Garden Girl Lisa McGarvey, who had created a self-portrait of sorts by filling a page with lists of her favorite things. Since then, the “favorites” layout and the listing approach to journaling have made frequent appearances in my scrapbook, often at the same time in my “snapshot” layouts, which document a right-here-right-now state of mind.

This layout pulls together some of “my loves” from the past year, which I divided into categories and individual lists. The moment I saw these Maya Road envelopes, I knew they'd make perfect little homes for journaling. As for the design itself, it was a happy accident. Initially I had a spaced-out grid on the page, but when I turned to reach for something, the page shifted and the envelopes crowded together. That was definitely a “Eureka!” moment for me! I pushed everything together, layering edge over edge, and that became the foundation for the layout.

Thanks for looking!
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