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Project - Found (Theme: No Photo)



Love this idea. Can't wait to try it.

great idea for a layout! I cleaned out my 12 year old's backpack on his last day of school and found that he was carrying around several pounds of detritus unnecessarily! lol

This is amazing ~ just love this idea and am going to give it a try soon since we have all sorts of bits & pieces around here. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Project - Found (Theme: No Photo)
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Garden Girl

Project - Found (Theme: No Photo)
by Jill Sprott
posted 06/11/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

The prospect of creating a layout without a photo can be daunting, seemingly defying the conventions of what makes a layout a layout. However, what truly makes a layout a layout isn't really a photo – it's a memory. Thus, the trick to a non-photo layout is focusing on that memory and finding a good decoy, a way to take the focus off of the fact that the photo is missing. This “decoy” can come in the form of artwork, memorabilia, accents, a bold title, or even all of the above.

In the case of this layout, my daughter's cluttered backpack was just what I needed to create a self-portrait without an actual portrait. Since it's the end of the year, it's time for her to clean out her backpack (lest we repeat the incident of ‘03, when we almost had to go nuclear on her Hello Kitty backpack when its contents started, um, moving). She kindly (after some mild shrieking about secrets and privacy and mothers) went through her binder and notebooks and shared some “declassified” documents with me, which I happily incorporated on this layout.

I was thinking about doing one of these for each member of our family. I would love to see what turns up in our desks, bags, and glove compartments, under the seats of our cars, on our nightstands, between the couch pillows… That isn’t creepy at all, I know. The point is, what may appear to be the detritus of our lives may actually turn out to be pure gold.

Thanks for looking!
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