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Project - OMG!



This is awesome! Not that she's dirty, but that you captured it. ;) I love the double meaning behind OMG. So cute!

This is fab layout !! Mazie is adorable.

oh i love this

Super cute design! :)

awww how cute she is love dog pages

Project - OMG!
About this project

Garden Girl

Project - OMG!
by Jill Sprott
posted 12/10/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

The rainy season has officially arrived here in Hawai'i, and our dog is proof of that. She'll go outside as a blonde and come in as a muddy brunette. The photos on this layout capture our little dirtball on a good day. Yep, it gets worse. Most other days there's no time for photos – it's into the bath with her immediately!

It's only fitting, I suppose, that I would use papers from the October Afternoon Farm Girl collection on a layout about my dirt-loving dog-girl. The bright green and yellow, with a bit of orange thrown into the mix, is one of my favorite color combinations. The neon green glitter tape from American Crafts and the iridescent mint green Heidi Swapp Color Shine add some extra liveliness to the page. I also added some “muddy” brown splatters as well, for effect.

There are actually two titles on the page. Initially I was going to just stick with “OMG,” but the more I worked on the page, the more I started to think of alternate meanings for “OMG.” Then it came to me – every time I open the door to find this muddy mutt sitting there, I sigh, “Oh, Mazie-Girl.” OMG. Get it? :)

Thanks for looking!
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