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Project - Valentine's Theme: My Heart



I always love your sprinkles of happiness on your layouts. :)

Love the color combo and those little map hearts!

I love how you did the hearts!!!

Love everything! Your handwriting is amazing! ♥

so much detail. You are amazing. Your page is amazing. xoxo

Jill, you have the prettiest handwriting. I adore your writing on each of your layouts.

Project - Valentine's Theme: My Heart
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Garden Girl

Project - Valentine's Theme: My Heart
by Jill Sprott
posted 02/01/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

As fate would have it, my husband and I won't be able to celebrate Valentine's Day the usual way this year, but that's okay – we have so many other days to celebrate the gift of each other. I know that sounds hokey, but it's true. In fact, that realization inspired the journaling for this layout about my always-Valentine, my heart, my husband. Whether we are together or apart, he is always with me. (Cue violins – I know, I know).

Enough with the schmaltzy, and on to the scrappy!

Although the layering on the page makes it seem a little complicated, there is actually a straightforward approach to the page design. I began in the center of the page, with three large patterned rectangles of varying sizes and two green ledger strips on either side. I then cut additional strips of coordinating paper, roughly the same size as the pieces in the center, and tucked them just above and just under those main pieces.

I then added the accents, all of which relate to the page theme and the journaling in some way. I sewed a series of cut-out hearts and heart stickers atop several patterned strips (and heart-patterned washi tape) placed just under the photo and just above the bottom row of patterned rectangles. Next to the photo, I added even more hearts, varying the types and colors and clustering them together.

Most of the paper and accents on this page are from the Crate Paper Fourteen collection – I am seriously crazy about that green! Although there is no pink in the photo (which is usually where I take my cues for color), I also added some pink here and there – and I'm glad I did! I love the sweetness and warmth it lends to the layout.

Thanks for looking!
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