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Project - Shape Up Your Scrapbooking: Memo



LOVE this!! So pretty and colorful!!

This is such a cheerful and fun layout. Love it!

this just pops! adore all the layers of colors and the clusters of little goodies!

My favourite part are those little coloured apples!! So cute! Great page :)

This just makes me happy with all the lovely colors. :)

Love the color scheme here and all the fun details!

Project - Shape Up Your Scrapbooking: Memo
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Garden Girl

Project - Shape Up Your Scrapbooking: Memo
by Jill Sprott
posted 03/01/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Sometimes, as a teacher, I find myself so caught up in attempting to meet this standard or accomplish that objective, and then my students find a way to help me put true learning in perspective. This page documents a few of the “gifts” that I have received recently from my students, including an apple on Teacher Appreciation Day, a yellow rose from my juniors, and a bunch of origami cranes, which I keep on my desk. The journaling (which I wrote with a white gel ink pen on a black Elle's Studio tag, and which you can see in a detail photo) focuses on the lessons that matter most.

The colors in the photos guided the color scheme, and I was sure to repeat them throughout the layout as well as in the three main clusters of accents that I added to the page. Each cluster contains a variety of shapes, including circles, hexagons, hearts, and arrows. At the bottom of the page I added three wood veneer apples, painting them red, green, and yellow to reinforce the color scheme. In fact, each of the clusters repeats the color scheme as well.

The layout includes a variety of patterned papers. A combination of rectangles makes up the basic “mat”, upon which I added a series of die-cut circles (or rather, the negative space left behind from a series of die-cut circles). I tucked patterned circles in some of the spaces. I had been looking forward to using the new Crate Paper DIY line (which I love in a crazy mad way), including some of the new washi tape paper (strips of which you can see at the top left and the bottom right). I was also excited to use the Pebbles “Matty” polka dot patterned paper here – just looking at it makes me happy. One of the patterned circles isn't patterned paper at all, but rather, a piece of cardstock on which I stamped triangles (with a stamp from Mama Elephant). There are shapes galore on this layout.

Thanks for looking!
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