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Project - Fall Theme: Back



Wow, love this! So much to see but yet easy to look at!

This is full of eye candy! Love it, Jill.

Wow, all the layers and color...there is so much going on but in such a good way. I love this!

You did a great job of capturing your week. Something I'm working on. Thanks for the inspiration.

perfectly well done :)

Beautiful layout ~ although I'm not a teacher, I too feel like the first day of school marks a return to routine. I've always felt like it's my "New Year".

Project - Fall Theme: Back
About this project

Garden Girl

Project - Fall Theme: Back
by Jill Sprott
posted 09/01/13
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Because I live in Hawaii, the concept of a “season” is hazy and undefined, and because I am a teacher, summer ends the moment that school begins for the year. For me, fall starts on the first day of school, even if that occurs in early August!

During my first week back this year, I snapped a few photos to capture the change in season. The journaling on this layout centers on what those photos do and do not reveal about the change that also occurs in my mindset at this time of year:

Back to alarm clocks, to waking in the dark, to coffee for breakfast and skipping lunch…back to looking past all that and toward what the days are really about…back to laughter and learning and days filled with purpose, to shaping minutes into moments into meaning…back to school, back to work, back to me.

That last line is a reminder about how I lose myself during the summer, lacking a clear routine, having no urgent reason to brush my hair or get out of my pajamas, eating whenever and whatever I want, and feeling sort of disoriented on most days. It's awesome, but I do find myself longing for the structure of the school year at times. In the fall, I return to my usual self, to my clear-cut routines, to blazers and bobby pins and covered shoes, to being so busy I sometimes forget to eat (not good), to never being unproductive or without a sense of purpose. It's awesome, but I do find myself longing for the directionless days of summer at times.

This layout serves a tribute to that transition from summer to fall. I'm back.
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