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Project - Jenevieve If You Please

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Another fabulous page and poem

I love the poem and the colors!!! Thanks for sharing.....going into my bookmarks.:)

How cute!! I love the poem your Mom wrote! tfs

Project - Jenevieve If You Please
About this project

Project - Jenevieve If You Please
by jas7797
posted 04/23/11 at 04:53 PM
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My mom wrote a poem for each of my kids and these alphabet templates were perfect for scrapping them. This is Jenevieve's:
“Jenevieve If You Please”

Jenevieve if you please
Don’t change a thing about you.
Those freckles I love
That fit like a glove
Well, they’re kisses angels blew!

Jenevieve if you please
Stay just the way that you are.
I’ll always want more
Of that giggle of yours
No matter from near or far.

Jenevieve if you please
Remember always stand tall
Soft, sweet and demure
Yet confident for sure
Hold tight to that most of all.

Jenevieve if you please
Hang onto that special way
Fair weather blue skies
Are mirrored in your eyes
To brighten up cloudy days.

Jenevieve if you please
No matter what you may find
As you grow up fast
Let your self be what lasts
And the rest will fall in line.

Alpha Templates 3 - Marie H. Designs, Sunshine Studio Scraps
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