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Project - Before and After! Come See!



Aren't cabinets great? I have lots and lots in mine! Thanks for looking at my space and giving me the opportunity to see yours!

What a fabulous transformation!!!


I just love your space, Incredible!!!! I especially love the custom cabinet, boy could I use one of those!!!!

You're just TOO organized!!!!! The room looks great

He painted some above the light switch next to the door (which I need to upload picture). But he said when I get done with putting everything back on the walls, he will see what the room &quot;needs&quot;. I also want to make curtains. But again, Thank you for your kind words.

<blockquote><HR size='1' color='#dedfdf'> They are actually hand painted. I used the Heidi Swapp mask as the design, and my brother (who is an amazing artist) hand painted them on the wall for me. I was going to paint the mask and buy enough to go across the wall. Then my brother offered to paint them for me. <HR size='1' color='#dedfdf'></blockquote>

You are so lucky to have such talent in your family!! I was hoping it was something easy that anyone could do <img border='0' src='/images/icons/crazy.gif'> It looks awesome! My complements to the artist! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/grin.gif'>
Are you planning on bring the detailing all around the room, or just use that wall as an accent wall?

Project - Before and After! Come See!
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Project - Before and After! Come See!
by alismyhart
posted 12/19/05 at 08:09 PM
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I am finally done. whew! I removed everything from my craft room and started over. The 1st pic shows my folding tables and shelves. The 2nd pic shows my room after a trip to IKEA. I have the Galant desks. (one large and one small). Efectiv cabinets both wall and standing. Expedit bookcase. The file cabinet (pic 4 on the right) is custom made to hold 12x12 paper. That's where I put my cropper hoppers (I might move them to the bookcase). Thanks for looking.

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