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Project - Joyful



Cool page Barb. That journaling is so profound. I would love to see you sing. I think when we put joy into whatever it is we are doing it shines through. Awesome page. (Did you know that my dd attends the very same highschool as Micheal Buble did)

Totally amazing, Barb!

This LO is so pretty! :) Great job with capturing such a fun time!

gorgeous layout Barb!

Wow...the design totally matches your sentiments here. I love it.

Such a totally great page! So full of life and joy! You nailed this one Barb. As per usual.

Project - Joyful
About this project

Project - Joyful
by Barb Hogan
posted 03/29/10 at 04:03 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I never thought that Michael Buble' would move me in a profound way (other than the obvious!). Journaling: “I already knew that you had this amazing voice.What I never expected was how you sing with such passion , joy and gratitude.
You are gracious and sincere and seemed totally amazed that
people would come to hear you do what you love to do.
A day later, it dawned on me at St. John Fisher,
that I too love to sing and that I should be singing
with that very same joy and gratitude. You don't have
to be a multi-platinum artist to sing with joy and inspire others..
Your show has changed the way I think about
singing and for that, I too am so grateful.
You touched my musical soul. You inspire me.” Military Guy kit by Vinnie Pearce; Extra doo-dads from Michelle Underwood's Sunday Kind of Love kit. Font is Laynie Day.
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