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Project - When I Grow Up

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Groovy layout! Seriously cool--the layout, the photos, the journaling, and all the cool embellishing!

I've seen your layouts and always assumed you did something creative/graphic art type thing for a living!
Really love this one very dynamic

What a COOL layout!Really draws me in!


This is totally awesome! Love the energy, love your journaling, love the groovy font.

Way fun!!!! I love it!!!

LOVE this--great layout and journaling!

Project - When I Grow Up
About this project

Project - When I Grow Up
by Barb Hogan
posted 07/16/10 at 07:54 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

For this week's Digi Dare #188

“You’d think this would be an easy question, right? Not. When I was a kid, I figured I’d be a teacher like my dad, but I really wanted to be a businesswoman. Given my aptitude for math and computers, I ended up goimg to engineering school and became a computer geek. I did that for a long time, but I never liked it. My creative side was always begging to be unleashed. My career has evolved into marketing and while it’s okay, I don’t have much passion for it. Sports are the real passion in my life, and if I could choose my dream job, I woulld be a reporter for ESPN, covering NFL Football and NHL hockey. Maybe in my next life I’ll be on SportsCenter.”

Journaling font: DJB Poppyseed by Darcy Baldwin
Title font: Hobo Std.
All papers and elements: Flower Power kit by ON Designs

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