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Project - The Birds and the Bees

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These are nice. I don't think the camera shake is all that bad...a little USM, and they'll probably be pretty crisp.

I love the perspective of the one w/ the yellow flower.

Good job.


Aw, thanks for the sweet comments, y'all! Believe me, these little snapshots from my lunch hour don't show HALF the capability of this little Sigma lens (I didn't realize until looking at them on the &quot;big screen&quot; that I had a little camera shake that make the images fuzzy, but that's easily corrected by using a faster shutter speed or using a tripod). For $200, it's hard to beat... you should both get yourselves one! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/grin.gif'> Thanks again for the kind words!

I'm jealous, too, Julia: I want your lens!! Great pictures, I like them all.

Oooooo, I wish I was this good with a camera. <img border='0' src='/images/icons/mad.gif'> These are soooooo amazing! You're making me jealous lol!

Project - The Birds and the Bees
About this project

Project - The Birds and the Bees
by MrsJohnnyG
posted 07/23/04 at 12:04 PM
Galleries: Photography

…and a wasp and a squirrel thrown in for good measure. Took these on my lunch break today with the D70 that now never leaves my side. Apparently I'm not that great at shooting my Sigma 70-300mm at 300mm handheld… camera shake galore! Haven't post-processed these any since I'm at work, but any remarks/CC on these are most welcome.

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