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Project - IKEA scrapbook room



Can you tell me the name of the Ikea cabinets that are in picture 5? I am sending my husband to Ikea next week to shop and need specific information. Thanks a bunch!

that looks wonderful, I can't wait to get my own room, again.

Wow...what a great start. I love that desk! I wish we had an IKEA in Colorado! Post more pics when you're done embellishing your room with decor!

your room looks great! And I have to say, the lamp brought back memories, we had similar ones when I was small.

Fab room! Love the space and those great cubbies for your Cricuts and Sizzix. Enjoy! Now create and glam up your walls.

Great room. I really like the dark tops with the white alex drawer units. I would have never thought of that combo.

Project - IKEA scrapbook room
About this project

Project - IKEA scrapbook room
by Bridget in MD
posted 08/08/10 at 09:29 PM
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I have an almost 13x13 room. I was just going to paint my room, and move everything back the way it was on the storage I already had… but my husband told me if I was going to do it, I should do it “right.” =) I got started right away but it still took me over two months to figure out what I wanted, buy my furniture, and then organize my stuff with the new furniture. =)

I decided to paint the room a neutral taupe color and have black & white furniture, and to accent the room with my favorite color, red. What you're seeing is the room without the accents - that's still a work in progress =).

Pic 1: view from the door. I have an “L” shaped “desk” which is really the IKEA Vika drawer/shelf system & top. My work/office space faces the wall, and my crafting space faces the tv (which isn't shown). =)

Pic 2: my jetmax cubes which are hidden behind the door to the room. Holds some of my embellishments. On top is my 7million dollar home bag, which holds my camera, and two magazine holders that house my American Craft thickers =)

Pic 3: my closet organization, which holds the majority of my embellishments. The white storage containers hold my scraps, categorized by color.

Pic 4: My expedit shelves. I ended up buying a 2x4 unit and a 1x5 unit. At first I thought it looked funky, but it worked in my space and once I bought the cropper hopper paper holders, I was very happy. I tried to organize the pattern paper by subject and at the bottom, I organized my cardstock by ROYGBIV

Pic 5: I bought 4 IKEA cabinets with drawers and store my albums (which I'd like to keep in another room in a bookcase for easier access, but for now, this is where they are). I store my sizzix dies, and my punches in them too. I bought an end-cap shelving unit, and I store my 2 cricuts, jukebox, and my sizzix on it. My TV sits on top, and is to the side, not in the middle, so I can pull out my cricut and have plenty of room to work with it.

Pic 6: Another picture of my L-shape work space. I bought 5 of the Vika drawer systems - 3 drawers and 2 shelf units, an 8 ft top (that is along the wall) and a 6ft top, which I didn't set up as an exact L so I could utilize all of the units.

Pic 7: From behind my desk. My craft area is made up of 2 drawer units, and a top. The office area is made up of 1 drawer unit and 2 shelf units.

On top of my work space, I have my labtop and some jetmax storage. It was important for me to have storage to put clutter away b/c that drives me crazy when I am working my real job at home =) On my craft side, I have my craft carosel - it was important for me to have 2 spaces so one can be tidy for when I have to work, and one can stay messy b/c I'm working on something.

Pic 8: One side of my drawers opened. I have pens in the first drawer, cutting tools in second, and stamping stuff in the 3rd. the other two are empty =) that was important - for me to have space to grow =)

Pic 9: the other set of drawers open. Bottom drawer holds big tools, next up is glitter and flock and other type of messy medium, and the 3rd drawer holds all my adhesive. The top most drawer holds smaller tools, and the 2nd smaller drawer holds a bunch of scissors (you know, all the ones that cut different patterns). I didn't include a picture of the 3rd set of drawers b/c I use it for boring office stuff =)

Pic 10: one of the shelf Vika units. I put my cricut carts in them. The other one I store small research books (dictionary, idea books, etc).

Pic 11: My Nana gave me these lamps - she found them in the give/take section of her town dump. I found red lamp shades and love them so, so much, but my DH hates them. So I decided to use them in here. They don't really go with the “modern” IKEA look, but they totally make me smile and think of my Nana.

Well, that's it! Thanks for looking - please let me know if you have any questions! I'll do my best to answer them!

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