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Project - Lunar Eclipse



I think it turned out good too.
I had a couple that the earth rotation showed and they were only like 4 sec lol
so I feel your pain

awww-you're being too hard on yourself. I think you got the reddish color perfectly. That is exactly how it looked when it first broke through the clouds here. If you get the exposure right on the other half, then you just get the shadow on the other and lose out on the beautiful red. It's a tough call. I think you did great.

My first two shots were just like this, with the lower portion overexposed and the &quot;red&quot; shadowed portion fine. It was hard with one part being so dark and one half so bright. At least we had a beautiful sunset to watch!

Project - Lunar Eclipse
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Project - Lunar Eclipse
by zooreturns
posted 03/03/07 at 09:09 PM
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I am very disappointed in my shots here.
At first, I had my camera set on iso 200, and it was giving me a 20sec exposure; which resulted in some blur due to the earth's rotation, I guess (used tripod and timer). Finally, at the end, I went to iso 3200 (shown here) and it's better, but not what I wanted. <br> iso 3200 <br> 75-300 lens @ 300mm<br>f 5.6<br>1.3sec<br>I tried following what I thought read, about iso 100, 1/100 second, but that didn't work AT ALL. So, obviously, much much more practice is needed.<br>

The second pic is just a sunset shot I took while waiting for the moon to rise.

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