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10  Comments - The Rock

I really like this color scheme. You have a talent for taking pics of architecture. My pics of buildings never look well composed.

I would love to visit Alcatraz someday. Nice LO!

Great page Jen! Love the design and what cool pictures to have! Perfect title and great title work!

the pictures are really good and the title letters look like rock. nice work!

I love how your LO makes the place look ominous.

Great job of projecting the bad boys living quarters during their time. Love the design. TFS

Great job, Jen. Your pocket for the booklet is a wonderful touch. Love the metal accents. I got so claustrophobic on that tour. I couldn't get out fast enough. Love the title!

Love how you arranged everything...impressive place, huh?

Oooo. Looks great. I love the pocket too. And your colour choice. And that lettering lovely xx

Nice job with the brochure pocket. I keep that stuff & always forget to add it to the album.

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