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Project - Memory (Color Combo 80)



This is awesome Amanda!! Love that mesh and the distressed edges!

Your design is beautiful! Thanks for the tips too.

Very striking LO! I love that technique for stamping, too! <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'>

SO, SO cool, Amanda...gorgeous work with those colors too.

You Rock Amanda !

Beautiful!! Love the simple beautiful design!

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Project - Memory (Color Combo 80)
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Project - Memory (Color Combo 80)
by mandalee65
posted 07/14/08 at 07:35 AM
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Also for the 2ps brush challenge. Atomic Cupcake had a limited-time deal on actions, so I went nuts and downloaded almost every action they had! LOL <br><br>One of my favorite techniques is to break apart brushes to make it look more realistic. If you look closely at the places where the flourish overlaps the picture & mesh, you can see what I mean. To do this, use the marquee tool select the area you want to move (I did this in two separate steps - one for the photo layer and the other for the mesh layer), then go to Layer > New > Layer via Cut. This breaks apart the selected piece and puts it on a new layer. Then I used the arrow keys to bump it down and over slightly, so it has the appearance of dimension that wouldn't otherwise be there.<br><br>This is yet another LO of me whining about my weight. I love this picture - it was taken a few pounds away from my lowest weight in years, and it's where I want to get back to.<br><br>
<i>Overlay</i> - Amanda Rockwell<br>
<i>Actions</i> - Atomic Cupcake (Rubon & Burnt Edge)<br>
<i>PP</i> - Gina Cabrera<br>
<i>Flourish brush</i> - Rhonna Farrer<br>
<i>Word Art</i> - Erica Hernandez (Vibe Freebie Kit)<br>
<i>Mesh</i> - my design<br>
<i>Font</i> - Catherine's College Days
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