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Project - Jump - 213 in 2013 challenge



Thanks everyone! I did go back and alter 2 things. I put a piece of yellow pattern paper over the green to put one more layer and fill the top right corner of the photo in a bit and used the same yellow on the bottom left. Then I make another piece of yellow washi tape and put it under the star. By adding the little bit more yellow, it balanced it a bit. But thanks for all the comments!

Great page! Love the colors and design:)

What a fun page! I love it!

Awesome take on the challenge!

Love the colors, the letters you used fo rthe title (goes well with the dock) and the design! Fun layout!

Great take on the challenge!

Project - Jump - 213 in 2013 challenge
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Project - Jump - 213 in 2013 challenge
by thesnowwhite
posted 01/15/13 at 04:57 PM
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I loved this weeks video and challenge as it is something way out of the box for me. as soon as I saw the video I knew which one I wanted to scrap and how I wanted to scrap it. A couple of unique pieces of this layout: I made my own washi tape with some tissue paper, stamping and a xyron sticker maker. Loved how it turned out. Also made the chipboard elements look veneer by covering them with Mac Tac from the dollarstore. There may be a couple of things I add, but all in all, really like how it turned out.

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